Meet Greg Innes

Principal director of Innes Strategy and advisor for effective cultural change in the workplace

“Strategy is about effectiveness, effectiveness is about culture”

About Greg Innes

Greg Innes is the Principal Director of Innes Strategy, a New Zealand based international consultancy that specializes in strategic business planning, change management and organisational cultural change within the public sector and local government in New Zealand, Australia and United States.

Current iteration

Greg Innes offers an advisory service to public sector organisations on organisational culture change and aligned strategic planning.

The current iteration is facilitating coaching sessions with leadership teams and governance.

Organisations will benefit from Greg’s experience and skills in managing and implementing positive cultural change in government work environments.

Previous projects

At Innes Strategy, Greg Innes had a central role in the development and integration of a range of managerial tools to help local government organizations utilize their culture.

Programs in the past, such as the Innes Strategy Culture Grid™, the Cultural Toolbox and Governance Culture™ were run successfully to assist local government and public sector organisations become more proactive to influence change and development.

Greg Innes has also been a guest speaker at international conferences in the United States and Canada; including transforming U.S. local government conferences in Ohio, Texas, Colorado and Washington City and County Manager Conferences, and International City and County Manager Conferences in Montreal and San Jose.

Greg Innes

Greg Innes

Advisor for effective cultural change in the workplace

Skills & Experience

  • Principal Director – Innes Strategy, since 1997
  • Chair (Standing Committee) – Planning/District Living – Whangarei District Council. – Elected 2012
  • Chair Bream Head Conservation Trust – currently used as a collaborative model by Department of Conservation, Ministry for Environment – winner of unprecedented 3 Westpac Business Excellence Awards 2013
  • Business Partner – TechSolve Inc, Cincinnati based Organizational Development consulting firm
  • Corporate Partner –  Alliance for Innovation USA – International City and County Managers Association, Arizona State University and Innovation Groups
Key Projects and Experience in the USA

Lead organizational cultural change with local government organizations in United States facilitating wide staff engagement processes and engagement with external agencies and citizens to enable stronger proactive capabilities:  Innes Strategy in partnership with the Alliance for Innovation (International city/county Managers Association, Arizona State University and Innovation Groups – 400 USA cities and counties).

  • City of Longmont – Colorado – Organizational Cultural Engagement Program 2015
  • City of San Angelo – Texas – Economic Development Corporation being incorporated into City of San Angelo’s Department of Community and Economic Development 2011
  • City of Columbia – Tennessee – organizational development, cultural change program 2011
  • City of Kennedale – Texas – lead: governance and organizational assessment and review, sustainable workplace action plan. 2007/11
  • Alachua County – Florida – lead: organizational culture assessment, review, sustainable workplace action plan 2007/8
  • City of Gresham (Portland) – Oregon – lead: organizational cultural assessment – organizational review on workplace improvement program, Sustainable Workplace Action Plan 2006/8
  • Pitkin County (Aspen) – Colorado – lead: organizational cultural assessment, 360 Departmental performances – organizational review, Sustainable Workplace Action Plan 2005/2008
  • City of Huntsville – Texas – Lead: organizational cultural assessment – organizational review 2003/4
  • City of Georgetown – Texas – Lead: organizational cultural assessment – organizational review, 2003
International Speaking Engagements

Speaker at Conferences on change management – cultural change – engagement processes to enable a more effective / proactive local government organizations in the United States ( Local government undertaking a wide range of functions – economic development, utilities, police, fire/paramedics, public works, airports, community development in addition those under by NZ Local Government):

  • ICMA – International City/County Managers Association – San Jose 2010
  • ICMA – International City/County Managers Association – Montreal 2009
  • Transforming Local Government Conferences In United States: Greenville, South Carolina 2008 / Bellevue, Washington 2007 / Dayton, Ohio 2006 / Sarasota, Florida 2005 / Reno, Nevada 2004
  • Colorado City and County Managers Association 2008
  • Texas Municipal League 2007
  • Washington State City and County Managers Association 2007 – key note speaker
  • Ohio City and County Managers Association,2006 – key note speaker
  • Texas City and County Managers Association, 2005
  • World Housing and Planning Congress Adelaide, 1987
Lead Consultant - Public Sector

Key examples of Lead Consultant in Public Sector Plans, Organizational Reviews and Change Management Contracts involving strong staff engagement during the New Zealand/Australian reform processes of the 1990s’:

  • Recent 2010, Northland Local Government Options, peer review and presentation to Hearings
  • Auckland City Council: Management Review of Hauraki Gulf Islands
  • Manukau City Council: Organizational Development and Strategy – undertaking a number of assignments – community development section and Management Services
  • Sydney Water Board: New structure for the Commercial Trading Unit of Board and business plans AWTTT 1990/91 – significant contract in State reform
  • NZ Department of Survey and Land Information – Organizational Review and implementation of business planning
  • Accident Compensation Corporation: Injury Prevention Strategy -organizational Review – and leading to the facilitating first inter-sectorial – community – National Road Safety Plan
  • Department of Conservation: 1st Organizational Review of Structure and Statutory Advocacy Strategy
  • South Power: Organizational Strategy and Structure as part of public sector reforms
  • Eastland Energy: Financial Strategy and Organizational Structure
  • Northland Polytechnic: Organizational Development with Review of Structure
  • Northland Regional Employment Agency: Strategy and action plan
  • Auckland University of Technology: Business School Organizational Review and implementation
  • New Zealand Insurance: Organizational Cultural Assessment – organizational review
  • Environment Waikato (Waikato Regional Council): Organizational Culture Assessment leading to reorganization of structure – regarded as leading edge cultural change outcome
  • Local Government Commission –re-organization Auckland Region – Waiheke Island County Council
Lead Consulting Roles - Intergovernmental Relations

Lead Consulting Role in intergovernmental relations: in formulation and implementation of National, Regional and Local Plans involving engagement at governance/ministerial levels through departments and on to communities:

  • First National Road Safety Strategy – Ministry of Transport/LTSA – reporting to Ministerial and Officials Committees
  • First National Advocacy – Conservation Strategy – Department of Conservation and local government
  • Strategic/Business Plan for Waitangi National Trust – Treaty of Waitangi
  • Hauraki Gulf Islands Management Strategy – Auckland City Council
  • Whenua Rangatira (Bastion Point) Reserves Management Strategy – Ngati Whatua o Orakei
  • Ngati Whatua o Orakei facilitating first Strategic Plan
  • Te Uri o Hau and office of Treaty Settlements – Governance Structure and Strategy for Hapu development as part of Treaty of Waitangi Settlement
Training Programs on Policy, Strategy and Strategic Management

Communication – training programs on policy, strategy and strategic management:

  • Guest Lecturing on Organizational Culture and Change management, Otago University MBA Program 2009 and 2008, Texas State University Arlington 2008, Colorado State University Executive Managers Program 2007 and Sam Houston State University. Texas.2005
  • New Zealand Institute of Managers – Senior executive members – Strategy and Organizational Culture 1992
  • New Zealand Institute of Directors – “Strategic Planning in the Board Room” 1990
Key Governance Positions

Key Governance Positions as appointed Board Member and elected member:

  • Chair (Standing Committee) – Planning/District Living – Whangarei District Council. – Elected 2012 current
  • Deputy Chair –District Licensing Committee – Whangarei
  • Chair Bream Head Conservation Trust – currently used as a collaborative model by Department of Conservation, Ministry for Environment – winner of unprecedented 3 Westpac Business Excellence Awards 2013.
  • Northland Crown Health- Northland Health Ltd. during establishment phase 1994 -96
  • Northland Conservation Board 1993 -1997
  • Auckland University of Technology – Advisory Board Member 1992- 1998
  • Chair Parua Bay School – 1985/86/87
  • New Zealand Commission for the Future – Advisory Member representing planning profession – employment scenarios for New Zealand. 1980 – 1981
Key Management Positions

Consultancy Firm:

  • Managing Partner – Innes Strategy, New Zealand based International Consultancy Firm: undertaking International consulting specializing in Strategic Planning – inter-sectorial strategic management and cultural change contracts in Public Sector/ Local Government; New Zealand, Australia and United States.  1997 – Current
  • One continuing project was managing the Whenua Rangatira (Bastion Point) for Ngati Whatua o Orakei Maori Trust Board and Auckland City over the 1999-2004 period
  • New Zealand Managing Partner Innes Gattorna Chorn 1989 – 1997, Sydney based Strategic management firm – undertaking public sector reviews and inter-sectorial strategic plans. 

Line Management:

  • Director of Regional Planning, Northland Local Government Region in New Zealand; managing functions of statutory planning, community development and tourism planning 1980 -1987
  • Major Project – Marsden Point Oil Refinery extension – consents, public infrastructure provision temporary housing – social impacts.
Senior Management Director - Local Government New Zealand

Senior Management Director – Local Government 1980 -1987 – managing regional & district government functions:

  • Managing the functions of Regional Planning, Community Development for the Northland Local Government of New Zealand.
  • First Northland Local Government Regional Plan, and Sections on Tourism, Transportation, Forestry, Horticulture, Reserves – Recreation and Community Developments.
  • Managing social and environmental impacts and supporting infrastructure in the New Zealand – Marsden Oil Refinery Extension – Central/Regional/Districts of government
  • Introducing first land-use provisions into statutory document recognizing Maori values and aspirations.
  • Qualified Chair of Quasi Judicial Hearings RMA
  • Qualified RMA Commissioner 2015
  • Masters in Business Administration, MBA – Otago University, two course prizes 1987/8
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Town Planning Dip TP, – Auckland University  1976
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences, B Soc .Sci. – Waikato University 1974