Advisory Services at Innes Strategy

What do we provide?

Innes Strategy provides coaching to boards and local government and public sector organizations with cultural change and aligned strategic planning advice.

Innes Strategy has over 20 years of experience as an independent international consultancy specializing in Organizational Culture for Local Government.

We have provided assistance to indigenous people’s organizations on their alignment to commercial environments.

Our advisory role enables ownership and empowerment from change initiatives to be retained in the organization.

The results

Innes Strategy is experienced in implementing sustainable cultural change to enhance organizational effectiveness with increased employee satisfaction. In summary the goals are;

1. Sustainable Cultural Change

2. Enhanced Organizational Effectiveness

3. Increased Employee Satisfaction

Greg Innes

Greg Innes

Advisor for cultural change in the workplace

How your organisation can benefit

  • The ability to do more with your allocated budget even if you have had to suffer some cuts in funding.
  • Increased organizational effectiveness of departments and external organizations working together to provide immediate and long term results in the community.
  • Strengthened organizational focus on the external citizen environment.
  • Recognition by employees that their organization is a great place to work, while enhancing project outcomes and performance.
  • Encouraging young, bright and talented people to become involved with the pressing issues of local government while meeting their personal development needs and satisfaction.
  • A practical and more effective approach of implementing the organization’s vision with employees feeling included.
  • To provide incentives for the organization to be more proactive in influencing its activities.
  • A stronger competitive advantage in attracting economic growth.